Two days dedicated to Panettone in New York

In the prestigious school ICE Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan the Panettone World Cup together with Molino Dallagiovanna organize the national selection for USA and Canada and an important masterclass with the Molino Dallagiovanna technician Fabio Del Sorbo with the support of the well-known pastry chef Biagio Settepani

Panettone will be the main protagonist in New York on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 September 2023 at the prestigious ICE Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan. Panettone World Cup organizes the selections for North America and Canada to decide the finalists who will participate in the final in Milan on 8-9-10 November 2024.
The event will be anticipated Thursday, September 14 by a masterclass with the technician of Molino Dallagiovanna Fabio Del Sorbo that will show the entire process of processing traditional Panettone with the support of master pastry chef Biagio Settepani and will end with a tasting sensory.
On Friday 15 September a prestigious jury will select the panettone that will go to the Panettone World Cup, the Italian final in November 2024 for the category Traditional Panettone and Chocolate Panettone.

A great jury formed by chef Kathryn Gordon, the oldest instructor at the ICE, expert and founder in food and bakery project, Fabio Del Sorbo expert technician Molino Dallagiovanna, chef Nick Storks President of the NYS Association of Manufacturing Retail Bakers , chef Charlie Tola Pastry chef & baker at Lulu’s Baker, Charlie Romano Executive Pastry Chef and Chef Jurgen David, Director of Research and Development of Confectionery will decide the best panettone for the traditional category and for the chocolate category. The winners of the selection will represent North America during the grand final of November in which the best panettone from all over the world will compete.

The famous dome cake, born in Milan, is increasingly loved and enjoyed around the world.

The Panettone World Cup was born to create an open discussion on techniques and knowledge of a truly unique product and its enhancement and promotion abroad of this product are the main objectives of the event. With the two-day event in New York, we celebrate the king of leavened, a product that, from its origins, has managed to overcome borders and seasons to establish itself on the world stage. But not only: the intent is also to tell and reward the rigorous processes that are the basis of the creation of a high-level artisanal product.

Panettone World Cup is made with the support of Partners supporters of the project: Molino Dallagiovanna , Agrimontana, Corman, Europa ovens, Carma. Main Media Partner International Pastry. Partners: Sigep, Conpait, Apei, Cast Alimenti, Ial Lombardia.

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The Panettone World Cup is the great international event entirely dedicated to leavened bread par excellence. It was created to celebrate the history and processing of a product capable of crossing the boundaries of origin to establish itself in the world confectionery scene. Patron of the event is Maestro Giuseppe Piffaretti; the first edition was held in Lugano in 2019; the second edition in Lugano in 2021, the third edition in Milan in 2023. In addition to the competition, the event promotes demonstrations, tastings, visits to exhibitors, workshops, workshops.


Molino Dallagiovanna is a family business born in Gragnano Trebbiense, in the province of Piacenza, in 1832. The company offers a production of over 450 flours, from the traditional ones for bread, pizza, pasta and desserts to the gluten-free and lactose-free lines to the customized ones, created and balanced for the needs of each individual customer. On the Italian territory it is a leader in the pastry sector with the line leDolcissime where for the occasion the Panettone flour will be used. In almost two hundred years the company, now led by Pier Luigi and Sergio Dallagiovanna together with the Sixth Generation, has evolved and has grown to become one of the most productive and enlightened of the milling industry, able to export abroad (50 countries worldwide) and in the United States, where since 2021 it has been present with its subsidiary, values and Italian food excellence.

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