Registrations are open for the America selection for the Panettone World Cup

The American selection for the Panettone World Cup will take place the 12th May 2021 in New York

The American selection for the Panettone World Cup is scheduled the 12th May 2021 in
New York.
Applicants from the United States, Canada and Mexico, Central and South America can
participate, sending the registration documents.
30 participants will be admitted to the selection and will be evaluated by the technical jury
with the aim of choosing 3 candidates from the United States, Canada and Mexico and 2
candidates from Central and South America. A total of 5 finalists throughout the territory
will then be admitted to the international final scheduled in Lugano, from 5th to 7th
November 2021.

The jury will be directed by Master pastry chef Biagio Settepani who is the contact person
for the American selection and is also part of the Organsing International Technical
Giuseppe Piffaretti, ideator of the Panettone World Cup explains: “This is an international
event, which aims to compare the world excellence in the preparation of panettone. It is
the second edition of this event and for the first time there will be a real selection for
America, knowing that many produce this unique product, love it and have appreciated
the event even overseas. I am sure that together with a friend and professional person
such as Biagio Settepani, the event will be a great success”

Registration and more information:
The registration form and the regulations can be downloaded directly from the website The registration form, completed and signed, must
then be sent by the 15th April 2021 to
For information , please contact:
The competition is open exclusively to professionals of the sector with proven experience
operating on the territory.

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