Il panettone 


Panettone, the standard bearer of leavened dough products of excellent quality obtained with the millennial technique of spontaneous fermentation, is one of the pride of the bread and confectionery craft.


Its history, studded with legendary aspects, makes its creation coincide with the love that blossomed between two Milanese: the noble Ughetto degli Altellani and Adalgisa - a girl of exceptional beauty - the daughter of a baker. To win the favour of the young woman's father, Ughetto was hired in his workshop where he immediately showed great creativity. Particularly successful was his type of bread, enriched with butter, eggs, sugar and raisins, in practice the ancestor of the modern Panettone.


To taste the Panettone as it deserves and appreciate its extraordinary fragrance and softness, it is essential to bring it first to room temperature of about 20 ° C. Only then does Panettone reveal all of its characteristics. A good cup of coffee or tea is an excellent accompaniment, but it is with a glass of Moscato d'Asti that the best combination is celebrated.

20 years of the Quality Guarantee Mark

The Quality Assurance Mark was created by the Società mastri panettieri-pasticcieri-confettieri del Cantone Ticino (SMPPC), to distinguish the artisanal Panettone.


It obliges those who have acquired the right to use it to respect the parameters set out in the specific regulation, which requires them to use (minimum values currently exceeded by various producers): 40% butter, 30% yolk and 70% fruit mixture (candied orange peel, candied citron peel and raisins) in relation to the weight of the flour.


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