Panettone World Cup 2019

Lugano Centro Esposizioni
08-10 November

The only fair in Ticino completely dedicated to panettone, its history, its production and processing. Event organized by the Coppa del Mondo del Panettone (CMP) in collaboration with the Società dei Mastri Panettieri Pasticcieri Confettieri del Canton Ticino (SMPPC) and with the sponsorship of the City of Lugano and the support of Lugano Turismo.


Registration for Swiss Selection

The registrations have ended, in the final on Saturday 1 June 2019, 20 participants were admitted. The international jury composed of professionals from Italy, Switzerland and Spain, will have the task of selecting the four who will represent Switzerland in the final. Do not miss the direct on FB: Saturday 1 June 2019 from 09.00.


Regulation for Panettone World Cup 2019

Confer the rules for participating to the Panettone World Cup 2019

The dates and the procedures concerning the selections for Italy will be announced shortly.



The tradition's future
is in our hands

Born from an idea of ​​the master pastry chef Giuseppe Piffaretti and sponsored by the SMPPC, Panettone World Cup - every two years - is a unique event in the world and is aimed at professional pastry chefs who produce artisan yeast panettone , chosen by their own national confectionery federations that will compete for the title of best panettone in the world in the presence of a jury of Master Pastry Makers. A highly educational opportunity to test one's abilities and find worthy stimuli to perpetuate the tradition of a product born in Milan, which has long since crossed national borders, to kick off a gratifying confrontation between mother yeast specialists . A moment of maximum professional value, thought and organized, on principles of seriousness and equity, which will strengthen the spirit of collaboration between professionals and pass on those principles of respect, tradition and belonging that are gradually diminishing. We look forward to seeing you in Lugano to maximize the quality of artisan panettone!

Exhibition space

Spaces will be made available for exhibitor stands of a minimum of 3x3 m with a cost that varies depending on the size. The basic stand includes opening on one side and connection to the 220 volt power supply.


The objective of the first edition of the Panettone World Cup is to involve 50 exhibitors and over 10,000 visitors. You can also participate in the fair as a Sponsor, with different tailor-made formulas according to every need.

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